Rural District Councils have a need for consultation, research and guidance, whether in preparing their long term plans and carrying out their daily duties. The Association of Rural District Councils (ARDCZ) plays a crucial role in providing such information and advice.

The ARDCZ is a body corporate recognised by the Rural District Councils Act 29:13 which forms the legal basis of rural self-governance in the country. It was established in July 1993 following the abolition of the dual and racially based system of Rural Councils and District Councils that had formed Zimbabwe’s rural local government system since before independence.

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Rural District Councils

Zimbabwe has a population of around 16 million people. Of this population, 60% to 75% live in rural areas. The 60 Rural District Councils (RDCs) are responsible for the welfare and the general socio-economic development of these people.


Every single day these same councils make decisions that impact significantly on the lives of their respective citizens. Councillors and Council Officials spend much time and effort on consulting and working together with ordinary citizens, entrepreneurs and a great number of local organisations in order to serve their mandate.

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