Push Devolution agenda: President

Opening the Second Local Authorities Councillors Indaba, the President stressed the critical role rural and urban local councils had to play in empowering communities at the grassroots and ensuring that the development they wanted was delivered. Readmore

Chegutu RDC boosts health access

PROVIDING quality health care services to communities as enshrined in the country’s Constitution remains for Chegutu Rural District Council, as it continues to construct clinics using devolution funds. The Council has so far constructed three clinics in wards 22, 23 and 26, with the help of communities. Upon completion the clinics… Readmore

Devolution funds transform Guruve

Sometime ago, the Mupinge farming area popularly known as Impinge, lost two school children while dozens were seriously injured when they jumped from a moving vehicle, fearing abduction after being offered a lift to school. The school was located 15 km away from their homes, showing some of the challenges faced in Guruve due to […]