RDCs Engineers Forum Annual Conference Report - October 2021

The Association of Rural District Councils of Zimbabwe hosted 10th edition of the Rural District Council. The conference was held under the theme :Consolidating gains of Emergency Road Rehabilitation Program towards Vision 2030.

ARDCZ Report on proposed levies -October 2020

The purpose of the meeting was to standardize taxes due and payable to the Rural District Councils for 2021 Financial year and regularization of the terminology that is used by RDCs when charging.

RDCs All Councillors Indaba with His Excellency -2019

First Edition of RDCs All Councillors Indaba with the President of Zimbabwe on highlighting the role to be played by RDCs and Councillors towards the attainment of Vision 2030

ARDCZ Report on Service Level Benchmarking in Rural Local Authorities- June 2018

ARDCZ in collaboration with Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) and Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing  review of the Service Level Benchmarking program in RDCs and a way forward on the implementation modalities by the CEOs of RDCs.

ARDCZ Inaugural Council Chairpersons Indaba - February 2018

ARDCZ Inaugural Council Chairperson Indaba for training Council Chairperson Corporate Governance and review performance of RDCs as well as to come up with best practises to refocus  RDCs to lead in socio-economic transformation of the rural areas in line with the New Dispensation.